IT Maintenance & Support

By associating with Auramint, An organization can get the maintenance and support services such as “managing their Infrastructure, Software, online Applications and business solutions by maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and assessing applications/systems, improve the efficiency, performance, reduce the cost and increase their ROI.

Methodology & Approach

Assign the Team

We have a multi-versatile team with sufficient knowledge on all verticals, based on the business requirements and technology involved in the process; we will assign a right team to do the right thing.

Acquire Information

Our team will coordinate and collect the required information by interacting with the stakeholders and asking them to fill the predefined templates and specific question forms.

Identify the Requirement / Issue

Based on the collected information, our team will analyze the possible scenarios in various environments and identify the exact requirement / technical issues/route cause of the system.

Planning & Strategies

Once the application requirement, technical issues etc. are identified, we work on planning and strategizing the process to address all the needs. This approach helps to handle day to day maintenance and unexpected scenarios.

Implement the Solution

We design, develop and deliver / implement the solutions as per the needs. Our systematic implantation approach effectively integrates the system in to business procedures.

Ensure Smooth Function

We make sure of the smooth functioning of all business processes, Software applications and keep a track of complete maintenance operation and updating.