What is Auratask
AURATASK is an integrated workflow automation solution designed for CA, CS & TAX Consultation Firms. Its integrated with the powerful tools, which helps you to automate your business process, any working network(activitystream), team and manage multiple projects at a time without any hassle.It makes your business environment more efficient and process oriented. Firms are using Excel Sheet, Documents, e-Mail (or) Disconnected Software to automate their work process.
Why Auratask?

Fit for any Organization

Manage N number of Assignments / Projects

Any size workforce / Team

Cloud based Application

Customized Report

20+ Work tools

Integrated Drive

Easy to use

Auratask Components

We Intend to give the best to our clients, So we build all the components in one solution.

Clients / Customer Module

Service Workflow Engine

Document Request Link

Alerts & Reminders

Services / Work Module

Document Mgt System

Customer / Client Portal

Web Communications

Team / Expert Module

Finance & Invoice System

Dashboard & MIS Reports

Integrated Email & SMS

Key Solutions

The Dashboard is a user interface that provides the comprehensive view of all the Projects /Assignments, Team Performances, Work Schedule, Financial Information and alerts/ notifications based on the roles & privileges in one customized screen. It is an integrated view of all the transactions on a day & consolidated basis which brings you quick attention rather than seeing the complex reports.

  • Multiple Dashboard in Single Screen 
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Visualize the Job / Service Progress
  • Drilldown to Detailed Info

A client may be an Individual (or) Company (or) Trust. Create the client records by adding their KYC Info, Communication Info, and Business Info. The system shall generate a unique ID number and allows you to create a client’s login credential to access the Client portal. The centralized client database is interlinked with service module, it provides client wise service/work completed & ongoing details

  • Group & Categorize your Clients
  • Advance Search & Filtering Facility
  • Communicate with Your Client
  • Document Repository for Each Client

The service workflow mechanism simplifies & automate the manual working procedures. It brings accountability, better working results, and values enhancement to the organization. Also, the integrated working tools help to an expert to efficiently manage the service/work-related activities such as;

  • Assign tasks to Expert
  • Questionnaire | Get Information from clients
  • Resources as Reference Repository
  • Send request link and collect document
  • Monitor Work Progress
  • Add on cost  for the services

The flexible pricing module allows you to configure the base price for each service and it can be modified on a case to case basis while creating the service/work for the client. Also, the collection of payments in a different mode in multiple times can be added against the service and track the payment dues whenever needed. The powerful template-based invoicing system is complied with GST terms and allows you to generate a single Invoice, split Invoices, Interim Invoice, and job complete Invoice as per the client’s requirement.

  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • Discounts
  • Multiple Invoice Model
  • Revenue Calculation & Profit Management

Your client’s satisfaction with your service & support will increase when you communicate with them on each stage of the work progress. The integrated messaging system allows you to text with your client in a private mode. Also, you can get clarified from your clients and collect more information about their requirement using the integrated Questionary forms. It allows you to prepare Yes / No, Free answer, Numeric type questions for each service and it can be sent to them via Client Portal. Available more than 40 mail templates which are triggered automatically from the system on various events.

  • Alerts & Reminders
  • 40 Plus Mail Templates
  • SMS & Web Communication
Process Flow Diagram

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